Student Life Composition for class 5,6,7,8,9,10 ( SSC , HSC ) Hon’s 2nd Year

Student Life Composition: Student life is the most important period in the life of every human because this period acts as the foundation for the rest of his life. So every student should know how much this period of his student life will affect him for the rest of his life. So let’s look at the importance of Student Life Composition.

Student Life Composition for class 5,6,7,8,9,10 ( SSC , HSC ) Hon's 2nd Year
Student Life Composition

Student Life Composition for class 6 5 6 7 8 9 10

Introduction: Student life means the period during which boys and girls learn education staying in college and other educational institutions. In this life, students have to perform a lot of responsibilities. Tas life is the foundation of the whole life. So this life should be passed in dutifulness.

Importance of student life: Student life is the seed time of life. During this time, one can prepare for life. If a student cannot prepare well for this life, he has to suffer for the rest of his life. These students can become future hope and aspirations. Thus student life has great significance and importance.

Duties of students: Student life is a life of duty. The students cannot lead a carefree life. He has to do a lot. The proper utilization of this life will lead a student to the path of success and prosperity. The students have to work either in academic or non-academic sections.

Study: The primary duty of the students is to acquire knowledge. They have to study attentively since the inception of the year. They should not waste away time. They will not neglect their time. They have to take proper preparation for the exam. During their leisure, they will read newspapers, journals, periodicals, etc. They have to study to qualify themselves for a profession and progress in life. Studying will make them reach their goals.

Extra-curricular activities: Apart from academic activities, students have to practice extra-curriculum activities. They must take part in debates, sports, songs, paintings, etc. These will develop their personality and mentality. These will create leadership qualities among the students. These will also motivate them to cope with any situation perfectly well.

Daily attendance in classes: Participation in classes is highly essential for a student. This will help them to understand any lesson. If the students are absent from classes, they will not be able to have properly preparation for the exam. Again the absence from classes will bar them to qualify for the exam. Thus daily attendance in classes is another important duty of the students.

Learning of discipline, punctuality, truthfulness, etc: Students have to become perfect men they must cultivate good manners and etiquette. They must learn the importance of discipline, and punctuality. truthfulness and other important traits. They must learn these from their teachers, elders, and superiors. These will help to present them gently and perfectly. Because these are the cardinal virtues of human life for attaining success.

Formation of character and health: Character is the most important possession of life. The students have to form good character. They must follow the best principles. This character is formed through human enterprises. They must realize that a man of character is respected by everyone. It is the crown of life. So students have to form character in this life. Again, they have to maintain sound health.

Because a sound mind rests in a sound body. The students must know this. They will take nutritious food and drink. They will take physical exercise or play regularly in open fields. This will lead them to form sound health.

Respect for teachers and superiors: The students must respect their teachers and superiors. They will be obedient, gentle, and polite. They will not behave indecently with teachers. They must carry out their orders and respect them. Either in classes or outside, the students must salute or praise them. The students must realize that the teachers are their guides and leaders.

Duties to parents: The students have some specific duties to their parents. They owe their parents for their existence. They must obey their parents. When they will grow up, they will take care of their aged parents. The students must know that their duty to their parents is their duty to God. Thus the students should lead their lives according to the wish and orders of their parents.

Duties to society and nation: Students are the future leaders. They will lead the nation and society. Our country or nation will rest on their leadership and guidance. Thus the students must stand by our society. They will work for the smooth continuation of social life. They must acquire quality and knowledge to lead the country. They will work to remove illiteracy, create chances for health and sanitation, and decrease the suffering of people in natural calamities. They must be patriots. They have to ingrain the seeds of humanity and kindness. They must work for the betterment of our people and citizens.

Conclusion: The duties of the students are to grow in a harmonious way. They should not be derailed. They should not engage themselves in destructive politics, terrorism, corruption, unfair means, quarrel, and other obnoxious activities. It is said that round prosperity and freedom of humanity are possible through the proper utilization of student life. Thus, students should work to acquire perfection in life.

Composition on Student Life for class SSC – HSC

Introduction: Student life is a period of preparation for all the problems that face the individual and the community. It is a period when a man fills his mind with the fuel of ideas to set sail on the voyage of life. It is rightly called the seed time of human life.

Duties of a student: There is no rose without a thorn, no rights without duties, and no pleasures without pains. No wonder then that a student has certain duties to perform. He has to discharge duties to himself, to his parents, to his family, to his country, to the wide world, and what is more to God.

The first and foremost duty of a student is to acquire knowledge. But he must not confine himself to the prescribed books only. He must read newspapers, magazines, novels, dramas, and poetry during his leisure. This kind of reading will widen their mental horizon and enable them to be acquainted with many things about the world. A student must take care of his health because a sound mind lives in a sound body.

Good health is the key to success. In order to enjoy good health a student must observe the rules of health. A student can go on an excursion and picnic with his fellow students. All these things will bear a good effect on him. They will drive his monotony. The excursion will increase his knowledge. His mental outlook will be broad. Schools and colleges arrange debates, discussions, seminars, and symposiums. A student can take part in all these things and widen his knowledge. As a result, he may be something great in the future. A student can render many social and benevolent activities.

He can teach the unlettered the importance of family planning, malnutrition, sanitation, population explosion, etc. During the time of natural calamities, he can distribute food, medicine pure drinking water, and clothes to the victim. These activities enable a student to gain practical training in humanitarian work.

Student life Essay Hon’s 2nd Year Student Life Composition

Introduction: Student life is the golden period of life. We spend the sweet moments of our life in our schools, colleges, and universities. Student life is a stage to enter into a life of experience. We decorate our dreams in our minds at this stage. So, student life can be called a stage of preparation for the next life. Proper utilization of time in student life can lead a person to a bright future.

Prime duty in student life: A student’s life is not a bed of roses. A student’s first duty is to gain knowledge. He should read his lessons regularly and attentively. He should utilize time properly. He should remember that no work should be postponed for tomorrow what is possible to do now? Because time and tide wait for none. He should form the habit of speaking the truth with a view to building up his character.

His first duty is to give a lot of time to his studies. A student must also learn to himself with other people. He should lead a free bind easy life for the sake of studies. A student should read only good books. He should respect his parents, teachers, and superiors. During leisure, he should read newspapers, magazines, and novels. dramas etc.

Other duties: A student has many duties except studies. A student should practice honesty, perseverance, generosity, sympathy, and obedience. He should be a man of high thinking and plain living. He should take physical exercise in keeping good health. He should follow the rules of health d know that health is wealth. He should make the habit of up early in the morning. He should be punctual in his work.

Role in nation-building: Students are the future of a country. Today day’s students are the future leaders of the nation. So they build play a role in nation-building from their early life. During vacation, they can organize adult education. They can arrange various kinds of educational programs for destitute children.

They can stand by the flood-affected people during natural calamities. They can also take part in relief operations in cyclone-affected areas. They should extend (Tipo Pt their helping hands in times of any national crisis. They should study and work hard for the country with patriotic feelings.

Conclusion: By keeping in mind all the qualities of a student, the students should widen their mental horizons. They should be confident and should study hard to enrich themselves with the latest knowledge of the world.

Composition student life for all class ( Student Life Composition )

The part which we spend on receiving academic education is known as student life. During this period an individual is involved in an educational institution school university or madrasah. like Student life is the most important part of our lives depends. Student life the most important part of our life is the future and the success or failure of life depends upon this time. Students who are the future architects of a nation. respective duties to perform properly. There is no way to be c callous future architects of a nation.

So as a student every individual has to perform properly. There is no way to be callous to their duties. and foremost duty of a student is to learn his lessons attentively and regularly. anyone neglects his study in student life, he is sure to suffer in the long run because he will fail the examination. So it is expected that an ideal student must give of me for the purpose of proper study. To make him fit for the struggle of life, he must equip himself with proper education. Morality) should be practiced and immorality should be opposed by students.

If a student loses his character, he is sure to fall in his next course of life. So a student should remember that character is the crown and glory of a man. And they should be devoted to the formation of character. There are many social services that should be accomplished by students. Mass illiteracy is a great problem in our country. In this field, students can make a distinct contribution. To fight against illiteracy, students can take many steps. They can create awareness among the illiterate people of our society regarding health care, sanitation, and the system of food cultivation and preservation.

They can also contribute to fighting the problem of population explosion. Students should be ready to respond to the call of their country. When a country is a face to face with a natural calamity like flood or famine, they should come forward to help the affected people. There is no doubt that students are the future hope of a nation. So they should make themselves prepared for the future struggle of life otherwise the future of a nation must be shattered.

Composition Duties of a Student or Student Life Composition / Essay

A student has certain duties to himself as well as to others. Student life is called the seed time. It is the period of preparation for a really should be prepared for future struggle. The main object of a student is to devote Galop him or themselves to his/her be attentive to classes. He/she must learn his lessons regularly. Hehe, put his study for the next day.

He/she must get up from bed early in me take some physical exercise in the open air. He/she can play afternoon. It is necessary for a student to take a balanced diet for good health. Besides, a student should develop some virtues. He/she should lead a disciplined life. He/she should be honest, sincere, and truthful to others. He/she must show respect to his/her seniors. A student has also duties to society and the country. He/she can serve our nation in different ways.

A student can teach illiterate people in his/her leisure time. He/she can open night schools. A student should also involve him/herself in raising awareness among people on various issues. He/she can motivate the village people about health and sanitation family planning etc. A student can render social service during cyclones, floods, drought: and other natural calamities.

He can raise a fund and help the affected people with relief goods, medicines, etc. A student is the future leader of the country. So he/she must work hard to make himself a dignified person in the family, society, and country.

Hopefully, students of all classes will like Student Life Composition a lot because here Student Life Composition has been published keeping students of all classes in mind.

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